Our mission is to provide “COPA Kids” and their families with an encouraging environment where the children can thrive and build self confidence. Using soccer as a tool we aspire to be recognized for promoting a fun, safe, and healthy environment to implement a lifelong passion for the soccer game. Enrollment fee includes a free COPA Kids T-Shirt.


18 Months to 2 years old

This is the age when young children begin to explore ways of moving. In this class we will focus on developing the children’s coordination, balance, and imagination. The class is designed to provide an encouraging environment for the little ones to work on basic elementary movements, helping them to build confidence, listening skills, and adapt to group situations. Parental participation is an integral part of this program and a parent must be present at all times.

$75 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 30 minutes

9:00-9:30am Mon-Sun

3-4 years old

This is a time of rapid improvement in physical skills. Children of this age have a greater attention span, enabling them to listen to and follow instructions more easily. Their running skills improve, and they are capable of learning to kick the ball, jump over obstacles, run around obstacles, etc. In this class, they will play games that develop listening skills, as well as agility, coordination, and balance. Games will incorporate obstacle circuits, helping to build some of the basic soccer fundamentals such as dribbling and kicking the ball. Parental participation is not required but is welcome if it makes children more comfortable.

$75 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 30 minutes

10:00-10:30am Mon-Sun

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4-5 years old

This is the time when children expand upon previously learned skills. Young players are enhancing their basic locomotor skills and have a greater sense of body and spatial awareness.  Their running becomes smoother, kicking begins to be controlled, and hand and foot speed can be developed. Children in this class will learn how to dribble and kick the soccer ball with both feet and will participate in a variety of fun games and activities where they will have the soccer ball most of the time. Children in this class participate independently, without parent participation.

$80 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 40 minutes

10:40-11:20am Mon-Sun

5-6 years old

Children aged five to six have improved their motor skills and foot speed. In this class, we will continue with fun activities and fundamentals training that refine the skills from earlier sessions and introduces new ones. Players will also learn about sportsmanship and teamwork through participation in small-sided games. In this supportive environment, they will begin to develop initiative and a sense of confidence in the field. 

$85 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 50 minutes

3:00-3:50pm Mon-Fri

11:30am-12:20pm Sat-Sun



6-7 years old

By six to seven years old, kids have a greater spatial awareness than the younger players, so it is an appropriate time to introduce field boundaries and basic rules of the game. Activities will be targeted to help players continue developing their technical skills and incorporating more passing, shooting, and basic ball control into their game. 

$90 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 60 minutes

4:00-5:00 pm Mon-Fri

12:30-1:30pm Sat-Sun

7-8 years old

Players in this age group have a gradual evolution in their basic movements. The improvements will become building blocks for the later learning of sport-specific skills. This is the time where activities should be varied, and effort should be praised to build self-confidence.

$100 per month + $40 annual enrollment fee

1x/week for 70 minutes

5:10- 6:20 pm Mon-Thu


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