Both turf and futsal competitions will be scheduled throughout the year and posted here on our Tournaments page. Contact us to learn how your team can participate in one of COPA Play’s youth tournaments!



Competitive, Recreational, and Corporate events coming soon! Join the fun at one our seasonal competitions! Sign up to be notified as events are scheduled.


Device Competitions

Have you seen our unparalleled suite of high-tech training devices? Well…we’re taking it one step further and hosting device-based team competitions. You and your team might be challenged to test your agility in our SpeedCourt; test your ball control in the COPA Cube; test your cognitive ability with IntelliGym; and test your passing/shooting in our Skills.Lab. Competitions will be scored based on data performance within each device! Finals will be decided by a 7v7 indoor game—See how your device performance compares to game performance in the finals!

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